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About SAES


The School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (SAES) is at the core of our institution’s commitment to academic distinction. We have staff who are ready to actualize the School’s mission and vision. Already, over 300 enthusiastic learners, ranging from certificate to postgraduate levels, are enrolled in various courses within the fields of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Given the central role agriculture and the environment play both locally and globally, our School equips students with the tools to champion sustainable farming practices and robust environmental stewardship.

Our comprehensive curricula, spanning from certificate to postgraduate studies, dive deep into agricultural education, environmental sciences, agribusiness, and emerging areas like climate-smart agriculture. Our focus is to integrate human progress with nature, especially amidst modern challenges like population, growth, changing land use and climate impacts. We are molding students to be change-agents ready to innovate in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 and broader global sustainable goals. Our modern facilities, combined with our unique Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Green Park, offer unparalleled hands-on experiences.

We proudly note that MUT is a pioneer in Kenya and ranks second in Africa in offering a dedicated CSA curriculum and courses. Through the CSA initiative, over 1,500 individuals have been imparted with practical CSA skills, bridging the gap between theory and practice. In today’s age, where digital and eco-friendly transformations shape our future, the need for a conscious shift in production and consumption has never been more evident. We invite you to embark on a journey of learning, research, and community service in our School. A warm welcome awaits you as we collectively strive to pioneer an agricultural renaissance that places both humanity and the environment at the heart and from a sustainability lens.